Bighorn River Fishing Update 7/5

BA Guide Ryan Barnhill with a 2 footer from the past couple days

We hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July!  Bighorn River flows were on the way down, but have since stabilized at 15000 CFS.  Bighorn Lake inflows are the major contributing factor of whether flows will drop or not.  It was on the drop, but is now back up.  Hard to say for how long…

Fishing has still been excellent throughout the entire system.  WORMS are still the name of the game.  A few fish are being caught on big Carpet Bugs, Orange Scuds and Ray Charles.  Make sure you are running a bunch of weight and find the softer edges, shallow shelves.

We’re seeing a decent number of Black Caddis already.  As flows drop, the fish should become more interested in those.  Maybe even hoppers in the near future?..

Streamer fishing seems to have picked up.  We’re not getting a lot of fish, but BIG fish.  Large articulated Galloup and White river style patterns in white or yellow seem to be the ticket.

As always, be careful out there as the river is no joke right now with these high flows!