Bighorn River Fishing Update 8/13

It looks like we’re finally seeing the effects of June’s high water this Summer.  Our normally scheduled Summer hatches have been a bit lighter than usual.  Fishing has been a bit off and on and maybe more ‘off’ for most.   There are still plenty of fish out there and some days are better than others.

Black Caddis are kicking around, mainly on the upper river.  We’ve seen some fish on Psuedos in the early afternoons, which is a pain in the ass, but big fish are looking up.  It looks like Tricos are starting to make an appearance as well.  We’re hoping those come on strong as another option!

A few fish still being caught on hoppers.  Definitely a location and time of day game.

Underneath, we’re having most of our success with Frenchies, Orange Scuds, Small softhackle Sowbugs, Carpet Bugs, Nightmare Perdigons and various other dark bodied perdigons.

The good news is we don’t have much for drifting vegetation like we usually do this time of year and water temps are in good shape (high 50’s/low 60’s).