Bighorn River Fishing Update 9/12

Fishing remains pretty steady on the Bighorn despite the up and down weather.  Mornings have been typically slower and fishing picks up around 11 or so. The upper 3 has less drifting vegetation making it a cleaner option.  There are a few more folks taking advantage of it too.  Below 3 Mile, there is definitely some drifting grass, but if you keep your bugs clean, you’ll catch fish.

Black and Tan Caddis are still around, but not as strong as they were.  Your best option is early afternoon till dark to find risers.  Most days there are lots of Psuedos and the fish are a pain in the ass on them, but there are some big fish to be found.  We are seeing a handful of Tricos in the mornings, but not a bunch of fish up on them.  We’re hoping

Frenchies, Split Case PMD’s, Squirmy Worms, SJW’s, Pheasant Tails and a variety of Perdigons are working subsurface.  Short rigs or longer rigs, it all seems to be working.  Just getting a clean drift is key.