Bighorn River Fishing Update April 17

Despite the wind and cold fronts, the river has been fishing pretty well overall.  The traffic isn’t too bad for this time of year.  Picking the right calm days is key.

Baetis and Midges are starting to show up in pretty good numbers.  We’ve had a few good afternoon dry fly sessions lately. In some spots you’ll find little ones and other spots, the big ones are looking up.

Nymphing has been steady with the standard tan and pink themed Sowbugs. We’ve had a lot of success on little Perdigon style bugs lately as well.  BTW, we have an extensive selection of these patterns for this season and they flat out work!  Other than that, MacGrubers, LBF’s and Quills are a good fly behind your main bugs.

A few people out there throwing streamers with mixed success.  It’s still a great time to swing the river as the vegetation is at low levels.