BIghorn RIver Fishing Update April 2

Phil C. with a very nice rainbow

Flows are up to the 4k mark and might head up depending on how fast this snow comes down.  Right now, the river is in phenomenal shape.  Clear water and junk free!  Water temps have dropped just a bit, but you will be in the high 30’s in the AM and low 40’s lower by the afternoon.  It’s busy on the weekends, but not ‘Busy busy’ yet.

Nymphing with Sowbugs is still the prime choice.  Carpet Bugs, Jellybeans, Cotton Candies and Firebeads (14-16) are top bugs right now.  Run a bit more weight with the higher flows.

We’re starting to see some fish looking for midges and a few Baetis here and there.  Expect this to get better and better as we move through April. They’re not everywhere, but enough to keep you entertained!

Streamer fishing has been on and off.  Cloudy days are definitely more productive.