Bighorn River Fishing Update April 20

Flows are up to 5500 CFS at the moment.  According to the BOR, we are supposed to stay at this level for ‘maximum Springtime flow’.  We’ll see what happens.  It all depends on how much more moisture we get the next few weeks.  The river is looking fantastic and fishing has been great!  Still plenty of soft spots for wading and plenty of new spots!

The crazy wind/snow/rain weather the past couple days messed with the bugs a bit but Baetis are on the way and should be popping here pretty soon!  TONS of Midges around daily.  Expect to see some risers early morning, late afternoon and evening hours.

Nymphing with bigger Sowbugs, Scuds and some Perdigons.  Cotton Candies, Rainbow Tailwater Sows, Orange Scuds, Firebead Rays, Montana Bullets, Silver Bullet Baetis and Zebras are good choices.