Bighorn River Fishing Update April 28

Bighorn River Flows are up to 6000 CFS as of this morning.  We were told 5500 was max flow from the Bureau, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  We’re not sure if flows will continue to rise, or what will happen.

The dry fly fishing has been hampered a bit with the increase in flows.  We’re not seeing the good numbers of Baetis like we were expecting, but there are plenty of Midges.  Look for low light conditions (early, late and cloudy days to capitilize).

Bigger Sowbugs and Perdigons have been the nymphers choice of bugs.  Firebead Rays, Jellybeans, Pregnant Scuds, Montana Bullets, LBF’s, and an assortment of BWO type Perdigons are working well.  Oh and WORMS!