Bighorn River Fishing Update February 13


Just had a great break in the weather and many folks took advantage of it.  The fishing has been excellent when the wind is down and there’s no ice in your guides!

Nymphing with Pink stuff (Cotton Candy, Jellybeans, Softhackle Sows and pretty much anything with a pink Bead) followed up with a smaller Sowbug or Zebra is about all you need right now.

We’re impressed with the number of fish in the river this Winter.  I fished for a bit yesterday and got a lot of 14-16″ browns and a handful of 17-20″ fish.  All very health.  Should be an excellent Spring!

Streamer folks go low and slow.  A full sink line or long tip is necessary and a slow strip will get the job done.  Small leeches in black, olive and white are working along with the standards (Thin Mint, Grinch, Pete’s buggers).