Bighorn River Fishing Update July 1

Bighorn River flows continue to drop.  We’re at 5500 CFS as of yesterday and the end goal is to be around 4500.  According to the BOR, our Summer flows will be somewhere between 2500 and 3500, at some point…

The river continues to fish well top to bottom.  Still mostly a nymph and streamer deal, but the fish are happy!  Water temps are in the low 50’s, so we might see some bugs sooner than later.

Carpet Bugs, Orange Scuds and Worms continue to produce numbers of fish beneath the surface.

Streamer fishing has been pretty steady, but especially good on the cloudy days.  Pete’s Bugger, Lil’ Kim’s, Rusty Trombones, T&A and Laser Legals have been consistent patterns.  You don’t need a heavy sink tip right now and we had good success the other day fishing the skinny buckets with a floating line.

We’re experiencing very light traffic on the river these days.  Expect another week or so of this and then the Summer rush will appear, so now is a good time to sneak over!