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Bighorn River Fishing Update July 18

We’re nearing prime summer time and conditions on the Bighorn.  Flows have stabilized at 2500 CFS and the fish have seemed to find their new homes.  Nymphing has been really good and we’re just starting to see a few fish looking up, which should just get better over the next few weeks.

Charlie’s back getting good ones on hoppers

DRY FLY DEAL – Hoppers, hoppers, hoppers.  Some days they’re eating them ok, somedays they’re really on them.  Pick your favorite color and roll with it.  PMD’s and Caddis are just starting to show up and I would  say we’re maybe a week away from some pretty damn good dry fly fishing.

BOBBER (nymph) CROWD –  Very consistent in this arena.  Sowbugs, PMD and Caddis pupa are found in stomach samples.  Carpet Bugs, Rays, Eddie Vedders, Split Case PMD’s, PT’s are all solid bets.

It’s starting to get a bit busier out there, so please be mindful of others out there and especially those in wade spots!