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Bighorn River Fishing Update July 1st

After the massive deluge the states of Montana and Wyoming received this past week, we are seeing the results on our end.  Flows will be on the rise daily and finally at 3750 CFS by Friday afternoon. There’s a really good chance for even higher flows in the near future.  Expect the river to be carrying some ‘salad’ down its entirety throughout the week, but this should also help clean it out a bit.  It will be prime time once flows settle in and the fish do too.

We have seen some extraordinary fish lately.  The rainbows have wrapped up their spawn and are getting back in the game.  There have been at least 2 fish in the 26″ range landed the past couple of days and we’ve seen many more large ones in the system.  Nymphing is still the way to go to get these beasts (and the rest of the fish).  Small Sowbugs (#16-18) ala Tan Eddie Vedders, SH Rays and Carpet bugs followed by little black or olive Midge Pupa, LBF’s, MacGrubers and Quill Nymphs are still good choices.

We’re really looking forward to having some PMD’s and Caddis in the system and a few have already made an appearance.  It will most likely be another week or so, but we’re not far off.  It looks like it should be another good hopper year as well.  The grass around the river is getting loaded with them and they are growing!  Dry fly season should be here again soon..