Bighorn River Fishing update June 15

Wow, what a wild past few days we’ve seen in Montana.  Record high streamflows for the Yellowstone basin have resulted in flooding across their entire region.  Our thoughts are with those affected in these events.

We are very fortunate to have Yellowtail dam, which provides us with constant clear water even with higher flows.  We received word the other day that Bighorn River flows will be on the rise beginning tomorrow, June 16.  There will be a 1000 CFS increase a day until we reach 9500 CFS by the end of the weekend.  Expect the fishing to be a bit off and on the next few days, but once things stabilize it will be game on! We have no word on when flows will recede, but luckily we have some hot temps coming this weekend that will accelerate snow melt and get it out of the way sooner than later.

We love high water fishing on the Bighorn as the fish really get on the feed.  The only real downside is wade fishing becomes difficult and dry fly fishing is non existent.  Be sure to stock up on your worm patterns as they will become staples over the next couple weeks.  Orange Scuds, Sowbugs and still some Baetis nymphs are working well.

Once the river temps come up, get ready for some of the best streamer fishing all season!  We haven’t seen flows this high since 2018, but during that time, it was some of the most consistent streamer fishing we’ve ever witnessed.  Time to break out the big bugs and heavy tippet!

For those guests of ours who have reservations over the next couple weeks, expect to have great fishing on the Bighorn.  We’re still seeing plenty of big fish and good numbers as well.  Dry fly season should be right around the corner!