Bighorn River Fishing Update June 6

Flows are on the way up to 4000 CFS by Tuesday.  Expect this to stir up the river a bit, but should be good and stable in a couple days.  Overall, it’s been fishing pretty good.  Mornings have been slow since water temps are still in the low 40’s, but by 11 or so the fish are getting their feed on.  We’re seeing some drifting moss below 3 Mile, so keep your bugs clean!

Orange Scuds, Wire Worms, Squirmy Worms, Black/olive Perdigons, Baetis nymphs and some fish on the Sowbugs for the nymphers.  Add some more weight and depth to your rigs with the flows coming up.  The fish are still in specific spots, so don’t leave them when you find em’!

Expect streamer fishing to pick up as more buckets and banks will be filling in with the increase in flows.  This is the time of year where those bigger articulated patterns have their place.  Other than that, the standard Thin Mints and Buggers will get the job done.

Don’t miss out on the Carp Tournament this Friday, June 10!  We are hosting the afterparty here at the shop and will be a party not to miss!  Check out for more info