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Bighorn River Fishing Update March 21

The Bighorn continues to kick out great fishing as we enter Spring.  A-3, 3-B, they’re all good sections to fish right now.  There are a few more people around on the weekends and pretty quiet on the weekdays, but overall plenty of room to fish!

Not a lot has changed pattern wise.  We had several guide trips out this past week and all reported great numbers of fish on Cotton Candy’s, Carpet Bugs, Jellybean Sows,  Eddie Vedders and a few random midges.  The river is pretty low and clean, so you don’t have to dredge them up with too much weight either.

Dry fly activity has picked up some, but is mainly limited to last hour of light or very cloudy, calm days.  Expect this to get more consistent as we are just starting to see a few more Baetis and increasing numbers of Midges, but it’s not quite there yet.

Be sure to stop by the shop as we are now open daily for shuttles, flies and other info.  New fly patterns and gear arriving right now as well!