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Bighorn River Fishing Update March 6

I guess Spring is here?..  The warm weather has brought folks out of the depths of winter and to the Bighorn.  A bit busy for this time of year on the weekends, but we’re not complaining!  Fishing has been pretty darn good if you’re in the right zones.  Many of the fish are found in their normal winter spots, although the water is a bit warmer than normal for this time of year.  We’re seeing fish move up into mid shelf areas (3-4′) during the heat of the day.  The river is ‘gin clear’ right now and minimal vegetation.  If you want to experience the Bighorn at its’ cleanest moment, this is a good time.

We’ve seen a handful of Spring Baetis in the afternoons, although not much on them yet.  Could be the bright sun?  We’ll let you know when it clouds up this week how they respond.  Growing #’s of Midges are around as well.  There’s been some good reports of last light fishing.  This should be a more consistent theme as we move deeper into the Spring.

The nymphing crowd has been pleased with the better numbers of big fish, and lots of 12-14″ fish in the river.  PINK is still the color of choice.  Jellybeans, Cotton Candys, Pink Scuds and Pink Softhackles.  The upper 3 fish have been fairly focused on Midges.  Green Weenies, Graveyards and Zebras are good to have.  We have some great new patterns arriving daily to the shop now too!

A few people tossing streamers around.  With the water temps cool, don’t expect a ton of action, but definitely some fish being taken on them.  Little Leechy stuff and even some big articulated stuff just to get those lazy fishes’ attention will work.