Bighorn River Fishing update May 16

A common scene on the Bighorn these days!

Flows are up to 2500 cfs and we might have more on the way.  No definite word for sure, but wouldn’t be surprised.  The increase in flows has helped open up some more spots however has dropped the river temp by just a bit.  This just makes the fish start eating a little later in the day but it’s still been fishing really well!

We have lots of Baetis and Midges around.  Expect your main dry fly window to be around 2Pm till dark, with fluctuations in between.  The fish are getting educated, so make sure your presentation is pretty perfect!

Underneath the surface we have been doing well with Carpet Bugs, Ray Charles, Jellybean Sows, LBF’s, Wayno’s Baetis, Zebras and various dark perdigons.