Bighorn River Fishing update May 23

It’s still happening in a good way out here!  Lots of bugs, hungry fish and not crazy busy like it was.  We can’t state this enough, but the amount of BIG fish (20-24″) in the Bighorn this season is pretty unbelievable!  If you want to catch a PB trout, now might be a time to do so.

We’re still seeing very thick hatches of Baetis and Midges.  The fish are on them, but like I’ve stated in past reports, they’re not pushovers.  Have a wide arsenal of CDC patterns in 18 and 20 and stay persistent!  There are so many bugs, you might have to throw 20+ casts over one fish till they eat.  It’s not always the fly that matters…

Bobber fishing has been great.  Slower in the mornings, but by about 10:30 or so, the fish start eating much better.  The majority of our fish the past few days have been on Baetis nymphs (LBF’s, Quills, Perdigons, MacGrubers).  You’ll pick up a few fish on Sowbugs (Carpet Bug, Cotton Candy, Rays), but they seem to really be on the little bugs.

Bighorn River rainbows are in full spawn, so please be mindful of these fish and don’t wade around the redds!