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Bighorn River Fishing Update May 29

Not a whole lot of things have changed the past week on the Bighorn.  Flows are stable at around the 2K CFS mark and the river remains gin clear and there is some moss showing up on the lower river.  This is something we used to see in the lower water years and it will eventually clear out when Summer rolls in.  Still farily busy on the weekends, but weekday traffic remains light.

The best way to describe the fishing right now is ‘good, but technical’. We’ve had guide trips out just about daily now and here are some keys to success from our Bighorn Angler guides, regarding the lower water conditions:

  • Nymph Rigs – Shallow up your rigs to 5-6′ and run a small amount of tungsten putty or some small shot (2’s, 4’s).
  • Many of the fish we’re catching are out in the middle of the river where the main channel is.
  • When approaching rising fish, observe for the scene, then approach.  There are some big fish in shallow water right now and the fish overall are a bit spooky with the lower than normal flows.
  • Find some nymphs that work for you and stick with them.  There really aren’t any ‘secret’ patterns right now.  The fish seem to be eating a variety of small Sowbugs, Midges and Baetis Nymphs.

Marshall and his dad Trey came out this week and caught a bunch of nice fish with BA guides

Here are some patterns that we’re fishing right now:

Nymphs: Pete’s Carpet Bug (grey, tan 16-18), Softhackle Rays (tan, grey 16-18), Bryen’s Pregant Scud (14), Green Weenie, Glass Bead Zebra, Red/Black Midge, Rootbeer Midge, LBF’s, Black Quill.

Dries: Improved Student, Cripple Thor, Smokejumper, CDC Paraspinner, Para Adams and Quigley Clusters

Streamers: Lil Kim, Black Grinch, Black or Olive Krystal Buggers, Thin Mint, Conehead Slumpbuster

We’re in the shop daily for shuttles, gear and trips, and practicing responsible cleaning methods!  We’re still are offering the COVID special too!