Bighorn River Fishing Update May 31

Bighorn flows are down to 2850 CFS and should stay that way for the rest of the Summer.  Our snowpack got depleted quickly so that is the result.  Water temps are in the low to mid 40’s, so wet wading is a bit tough.  We’re starting to see a fair amount of drifting moss below 3 Mile.

Nymphing in the morning has been pretty slow overall, some mornings better than others.  By about 11:30, things are looking up.  Rainbow Sows, Carpet Bugs, LBF’s, Quills and Perdigons are all working well.

The Baetis are still around, mostly on the upper river.  Some days a lot of fish are up eating, other days, not so much.  The fish are pretty educated by now, so make sure to have your ‘A’ game on.

We’re seeing A LOT of big rainbows on the beds spawning.  We look forward to seeing these guys back on the feed soon and please let them do their thing and leave them alone!