Bighorn River Fishing Update May 31

It’s happening again!  Flows are up to 6500 CFS after the deluge we received this past week and higher inflows in the top end of the lake.  The good news is the river still looks great, water temps are on the climb and the fish are eating way better than they were.   Flows are projected to stay at the current levels for the next week, but we all know how that goes..

Nymphing was very solid this morning as guides reported higher than average rates of fish in the net.  Little Sowbugs, Big Sowbugs, midges and Baetis nymphs are all good offerings.  With the temps on the climb (currently at 46 F), worm season should be right around the corner. Run a bit more weight and a little deeper with these increased flows.

Streamer fishing is finally starting to pick up as well.  We haven’t seen the Shiners dump over yet, and probably won’t until there is some top release from the main lake.  We can tell you there are PILES of minnows waiting to come through the gates, so we’ll see what future flows do.

Have a great weekend out there and enjoy awesome Spring weather and the good fishing!