Bighorn River Fishing Update Sept 23

The Bighorn trout continue to eat, despite the slightly off colored water and grass!  The crowds have thinned out for the season and Fall weather is on the way.

Custom Bighorn River Scuds are back in stock and catching fish!

Nymphing with Big Orange Scuds, SH rays in tan and grey, sunk Trico spinners and Carpet bugs has been steady, mostly on the upper river.  Below 3 Mile, wade fishing has been a bit more productive.

Streamer fishing seemed to pick up this week on the cloudier days.  Expect this to get better and better as Fall settles in.  Smaller buggers in Black and olive are the ticket.  Mid river nymph troughs and some of the faster banks are where you’ll find them.

With the decreased visibility in the river, the dry fly fishing has dropped off a bit for both Trico and Hopper opportunities.  A handful of fish are up in the upper river, but like previous weeks, they aren’t pushovers!

We’ll wait for this cooler weather to settle in and will definitely help out with the clarity as we move into October.  Be sure to stay tuned for our Winter lodging and Guided trip discounts!!