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Bighorn River Fishing Update September 17

Good things still happening on the Bighorn.  It’s not quite as consistent as previous weeks, but it’s fishing really well overall – A hell of a lot better than the past Septembers!  We’re finally seeing Tricos on the majority of the river, and a few big fish are starting to notice them..  The grass is growing in on a lot of the upper river, but not enough drifting to get in the way of your fishing.  Lots of big fish and lots of small fish, which bodes well for next season.  We’re headed in the right direction!

The Caddis have pretty much wrapped up for the season, but Tricos are getting thicker each day.  It’s a lot later than the past seasons, but all hatches were and are historically on time.  Keep your eyes peeled for some beasts eating by themselves, but they’re not easy.  Definitely more spooky than selective at this point.  The smoke in the valley has put a damper on the hopper fishing, but we’re still raising some really big browns daily.  Stick with it and you’ll be rewarded!

Nymphing has been very solid, but there are certain time windows it’s good.  Don’t get going too early with the cooler nights, but by later morning – early afternoon, you’ll get the majority of your fish.  Sowbugs, Scuds and the random Caddis are widely available underneath.  The worm bite has been a bit stronger as well.

We’re looking forward to an excellent Fall streamer season with all these big fish in the river.  Those little fish are sure grabby right now, but weed through them and eventually a big one will be chasing your junk.  It’s going to be a good Fall!!