Bighorn River Flow Update

Flows this weekend were bumped to 8300 CFS and we just got word they are on the rise to 10k by tomorrow.   Inflows to the lake are right around 11,900 and we’re guessing (and hoping!) this is our last push of water and remainder of runoff for the season.  The best news is water temps have bumped up into the mid 50’s which has really got the fish on the feed!

Nymphing the past few days was really good for our guests.  Larger sized (12-14) Carpet Bugs, Softhackle Ray Charles in tan and light pink, Jellybean Sowbugs, and the worm fishing continues to get better and better.

The river is clear of algae on the upper river, while the lower 10 miles is getting a bit dirty from the bump in flows.

Expect a good flush of Shiners any day as the lake is absolutely LOADED with them.  With the water temps in the mid 50’s, this is the prime streamer time we’ve been looking for!

Just a reminder to be very cautious on the river with the increased flows.  Bighorn ramp will become a bit of an issue at these flows, so make sure you’re ready for it!