Bighorn River Report – January 21

Finally, a nice break in the weather!

Fishing is still good for many sticking to the typical winter runs.  Pink has been the color of choice for nymphs so make sure you have plenty of Cotton Candys, Jellybeans and Pink Softhackle Sowbugs.  Dropping a black Zebra, Red Midge Larva or any other small dark midge off the back end will be good as well.  Water temps are down in the high 30 degree range, but the water is Gin clear and no grass to speak of!

Streamer fishing is the other option right now, and it’s getting a bit tougher as water temps are on the drop.  Some of the people out swinging are doing well, but seems like a day-to-day kind of deal.

We’re seeing a lot of larger than average fish in the system right now.  The numbers overall are still down, but from the good numbers of smaller browns we saw this Fall, we should have plenty of fish by the Spring.  As long as the water management goes as planned (no guarantees here), we’ll be looking good!

The calendar is filling up for this season, so if you haven’t done so, please give us a call to check availability.  There are several weeks that are completely full, so make sure you check in soon!