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Bighorn River Report September 23

There is still some good fishing to be had on the Bighorn.  We knew this long spell of amazing fishing couldn’t last all year, so here it is –  Bighorn Lake has started to turn over resulting in ‘green’ conditions throughout the Bighorn.  It’s held off a lot longer than we thought, but it’s here and will be here until the nights really start cooling off.  Fishing is still good, but has been a bit more challenging.  The good news is it’s a hell of a lot better than the past few Septembers!

Lots of little guys showing up throughout the river. This is great news for next year!!

Plenty of Tricos are around, but not many fish up on them.  A handful of Caddis are still hanging around, and there are a few fish to be found up.  Late September is not our first pick for dry fly fishing, but if you stay at it long enough, it might pay off.  Maybe..

The bobber rig continues to be the most productive overall.  There is a good amount of grass on the upper section of the river, but the fish are jammed up in the middle troughs, making the boat fishing a better option up here.  Big Orange Scuds, Sowbugs, Worms and Psuedo nymphs are good to have right now.  There are more wade options when you get below 3 mile, if that’s what you’re looking to do.

We’re looking forward to October on the Bighorn.  Cooler nights certainly help out with the lake turnover and fishing will get into true ‘Fall mode’.