Bighorn River Update 10/9

Water temps are slowly on the drop and fishing seems to be picking up.  This was our last ‘busy’ weekend and not busy like the Summer.  If you like solitude and great weather, this is a good time to fish the Bighorn.

Streamer fishing has been productive for most.  Small Buggers like the Grinch, Lil Kim and Thin Mints are working their magic.  Fish the troughs with sink tips for some bigger fish too.

WORMS, big Orange Scuds and Carpet Bugs are the 3 main patterns you need subsurface.  Keep your bugs clean and the fish will find them.  There is quite a bit of grass below 3 Mile, but it appears to be clearing out slowly with the cooler nights.

A few Tricos are around in the AM, but definitely on the way out.  You’ll find a few big fish looking up to get your dry fly fix!