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Bighorn River update June 2

Summer got here quick!  Temps up in the mid 90’s this week should make things interesting…  Despite the weather, the Bighorn remains cold, clear and low.  We’re seeing a fair amount of drifting moss below 3 Mile, making for some tricky fishing down there, but if you keep your bugs clean, they’ll eat (that’s the theory at least).  Still plenty of big fish being caught daily out here!

The Baetis and Midges are on the way out, so here we enter our Summer ‘Transition’ period.  I wouldn’t expect any real exciting dry fly activity until mid July at this point, but we’ll see.

Nymphing with Baetis nymphs, Midges and of course, Sowbugs have by far been the most consistent.  With the low and clear water, sizing down your rig is a must.  A lot of us are fishing double Baetis nymph rigs with lighter weight (0r putty).  We’re seeing fish move up into some fairly shallow zones making for fun sight fishing as well.

At this point we’re lined up for a ‘no runoff’ season.  Most of Montana is at below average snowpack, which luckily keeps the Bighorn at optimum water temps for the Summer.  Should be some great fishing ahead of us!