Bighorn River Update May 9

Phishy Phil with another slab!

It’s finally go time!  We’re seeing pretty consistent numbers of Baetis getting fish up in the afternoons.  Cloudy days are good, sunny days not so much.   If you don’t enjoy fishing around people, this might not be the place to be right now.  It’s pretty busy most days, but fishing has been solid.  The fish are spreading out a bit more, providing for some good sight fishing opportunities and plenty of great wade options.

Nymphing has been a bit slow in the morning.  Some mornings flat out suck!  By about 11 or noon, the fish are moving around a bit more.  Pink bead or Red bead Sowbugs, Cotton Candies, Jellybeans, Rainbow Candies and a whole mess of Baetis nymphs are working right now.

Streamer fishing is OK on cloudy days, but not great yet.  Give it another couple weeks..

The Rainbows are starting to spawn, so please let them do their thing and stay off the beds.