Bighorn River Update Nov 23

Pre-winter apocalypse

We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!  There is some nice weather on the way to the Bighorn valley, at least for a few days.  We were hoping the water would clear up by now, but doesn’t look to be the case.  I was on the Upper 3 a couple days back and clarity remains about 2′ at best.  There is still a fair amount of drifting grass as well.  I would say the river is about half way cleared out from this past Summer’s growth.  Fishing was pretty decent, but not what it will when the river cleans up.  Give it another week and we’ll see what happens..

Streamer fishing is still the thing to be doing.  Smaller bugs over bigger bugs.  Same ol’ Thin Mints, Grinches, etc..

For the rest of the Winter nymphing should be the same bugs.  Sowbugs, Scuds, Midges and some worms here and there.

There are some fish starting to show up to spawn, so please steer clear of those areas.