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Bighorn River Update September 14

Geno showing off the reward of Dry fly fishing right now

We’re still looking good out here on the Bighorn.  The entire river has been fishing well, besides the slight water adjustments going on.  Flows are up around 1900 CFS and just a bit of salad drifting around with the flow increase.  Water temps are still in the high 40’s – mid 50’s. It’s still fairly busy out there, although people are spreading out a bit more right now.

It looks like the PMD’s are on the way out, but 6 weeks of the best hatch we’ve seen in years, we’re ready to see them off.  Black Caddis are still strong most days throughout the whole river.  We’re starting to see more and more Pseudos and many fish are preferring them over the other bugs, which makes things a bit tougher.  If you like very technical fishing for big fish, this is the place to be right now!

The mornings have still been slow for nymphing, but by about 11Am or so, it’s been very good till about 4ish.  Frenchies, BH Pheasant Tails, Split Case PMD, CDC PT’s and some Sowbugs here and there are good to have in the box right now.

We’re looking forward to a great Fall!  With the later than normal Summer we’ve experienced, the Tricos could show up last minute as well…