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Early March Bighorn River Update

Well, it’s almost here. Spring, that is. The boat ramps are clear(ish) and people are starting to come out of the woodwork to experience some pretty good fishing. The word on the Bighorn fish so far – less numbers, bigger fish. I’ll take that, and I think many of you will as well. We have some of our guests here this week fishing on their own and fish at 25″ and 28″ were reported caught and put on the tape the past 2 days. Fishermen don’t exaggerate, right?

The water is cold so nymphing is the way to go right now. You should see all the new cool bugs we’re getting in the shop this Spring. Some are here now. We will be featuring a post on these soon! Sowbugs, scuds, midges. More important is finding the fish in their winter hiding spots. They’ll eat a variety of bugs.

BA Guide Bryen Venema pitching to the snotty 3 Mile risers

A few fish here and there rising, but nothing too exciting yet. Same thing with the streamer game. A few here and there. It’s going to be there soon! The crowds aren’t here yet, so this is a great time to come check out some solitude and good fishing. Don’t forget about these deals too: