End of August Bighorn River Report

Late summer fishing continues to be good on the Bighorn.  There’s a few weeks of busy time left on the river, but crowds have cut down considerably even this past week.  The Bighorn fish this summer continue to amaze us with their size and strength, so come on out and give it a shot!

Tricos have become a bit more consistent, but not full blown yet.  Some mornings we’re finding good pods of fish up and others, not so much.  The upper 3 continues to be the most constant producer and with the cooler nights, the spinner fall is a little later than standard time, so no need to rush out there at o’dark thirty.

The Black Caddis have just about wrapped up for the season.  There’s a good short window (about 30 min) right before dark, but even that is slowing down.  The fish underneath are still keyed on drifting pupa in the afternoons, so take that into consideration when nymphing.

Speaking of nymphing, it’s been pretty decent as well.  Orange Scuds, Pheasant tails, Hare’s Ears, Carpet Bugs, SH Rays and Tungteasers are all worth fishing right now.  Mornings have been a bit more spotty, but around 11 or so, it seems to pick up.

Lots of Hoppers still around and a few fish looking for them.  Find a windy, hot day and you’ll be in business!