Gear Review – New Orvis Recon

We’re lucky to have the Bighorn in our backyard as a testing ground for new product.  I’ve been waiting all winter for the shipment of the new Orvis Recon to arrive and it walked through the door last week.  Perfect timing for a good weather day on the Bighorn.  I got it rigged up with a Scientific Anglers Anadro 6 wt and went to work.

The first generation Recon was a great rod.  Arguably, one of the best Mid price point rods out there in a while. The original Recon was one of our best selling mid priced rods we’ve carried. I like the new Recon even better (I’m supposed to say that right, because it’s new?).  I immediately noticed the lighter swing weight of the rod and the great feeling grip, very similar to that of the H3.  This rod is powerful.  I personally thought it was much closer to a 7 weight as far as it’s capabilities, but the weight of a 6.  Another thought is that it is much closer to the H3D, but with some extra kick.  This is the ultimate ‘Big bug’ rod in my opinion.  I can’t wait to fish the 6 salt for streamers!

I spent a lot of time with the Recon that day both wade fishing and boat fishing.  We had some strong wind come up in the afternoon and that rod coupled with the awesome SA Anadro Line and Jaydacator cut right through it.  Several of our guides have picked up the Recon rods and will have them in their boats this season.  This is a great chance to fish with one of these great rods for the day!

The new Orvis Recon retails at $498 for most Freshwater models and $549 for Saltwater rods.