It’s a New Year on the Bighorn River


Summer is just around the corner….

We hope all of you are enjoying 2019 thus far, as we can hope for better things to come.  At least we’re headed in the right direction.  The water is finally clear, after fluctuations of green coming through, and the grass is gone!  The recent cold snap kicked most of the anglers out of the area, but there are a handful around.  Winter lodging and guide rates are still in effect as well.

This next week looks like a great week to fish, especially since it will be above freezing! The majority of fish have wrapped up spawning and have returned to the slower portions of runs.  Nymphing or slow stripped streamers on a long tip are your best options now.  Standard winter fare will work fine, more important is finding the concentrations of fish.  Carpet Bugs, Firebead Rays, Standard Rays, Red midge larva, Zebra midges should be in your boxes.  Make sure to use plenty of weight!

We are excited to return to the Denver Fly Fishing Show this weekend and look forward to seeing some of you there!