July 11 Bighorn River Update

Bighorn Bow’ on a Black Caddis. It’s starting!!..

Flows are back up to 9500 CFS but the fish don’t seem to mind!  We’re seeing good numbers of PMD’s and Sallies in the mid day and Black Caddis are starting to make an appearance in the evenings.  There are finally a decent amount of fish up in side channels and softer edges.  We just need to flow to drop a bit and it’s going to go off!

Nymphing is still really solid on the entire river.  Big Sowbugs and worms down lower.  It’s not a bad idea to start dropping a Black Caddis pupa off your main bug later in the morning as well.  Best bugs this past week include Carpet Bugs, Ray Charles (Tan and grey), Softhackle Sowbugs, Poodle Sniffers and PT’s.

We’re not getting much updates on projected flows so we just have to guess what’s going to happen.  This should be the end of the high water as most all the snowpack is off the hills and we have our hot July days ahead of us.  It’s looking like the second half of this month and August will be prime dry fly time here on the Bighorn.  Call to book your trip if you haven’t yet!!!