July 19 Bighorn River Report

It appears as our flows are finally on the way down (9100 CFS as of last night).  This should be the last of it, should be..  Fishing remains really consistent and will only continue to get better as the water comes down, which should be very soon.

Summer dry fly fishing has kicked off and we’re seeing great numbers of PMD’s, Black Caddis and Yellow Sallies.  Late morning – early afternoon and late evenings are the times to hunt these fish.  We’re not seeing tons of fish up, but enough to keep it interesting.  The key is finding what each fish wants to eat, they all seem to be a bit different…

Nymphing remains solid overall, but is still very much spot specific.  Worms, Sowbug, PMD nymphs and Black Caddis pupa are worth throwing in the fly box right now.  There is some good wade fishing at these levels as well.  Target the faster drop shelves and heavier foam seams as the fish have moved into the faster runs with the increased water temps.

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