May 20 Bighorn Fishing Report

We’re in for cooler conditions this week which should make for some great Baetis fishing.  Water temps are still hovering around the 39-40 degree mark which has kept the fishing pretty good, but we are all looking for the warmup to get here soon!

The upper 3 continues to see the best Baetis and Midge hatches in the late afternoons.  Evenings have been very good as well, and without the traffic. We’re not seeing big pods like most folks are used to, but there have been enough targets to make up a good day.  The fish haven’t been pushovers either, so make sure you have a good assortment of various CDC themed patterns: Cripple Thor, Smokejumper, Students, cripples.

Nymphing remains good in spots and finding those spots is key.  With the cooler temps, the fish have not spread out like they will when water temps climb up.  Sowbugs are still the main menu item – Carpet Bugs, Jellybeans, Cotton candy, Rays (tan 16-18) are solid choices. Baetis nymphs and midges still have their shining moments, especially in the afternoons.   LBF’s, Wondernymphs, Cream midge Larva and Zebra nymphs are good to have.

For the Streamer crowd, it remains tough.  A few more fish are being picked up on smaller buggers and leeches but not also has a lot to do with cool water temps. Let’s hope it starts warming up soon because later May can be some of the best streamer fishing of the year!

The rainbow spawn is a bit behind schedule, but some fish are starting to do their deal.  Please be conscious of these areas as this will be the first year in many where they will have stable flows to complete the spawning cycle!