Memorial Weekend Bighorn River Report

We hope all of you are enjoying your Memorial weekend and thank you to all of those who serve, fight today and gave their lives for our Country!!

Ron Gross with an ‘average for this year’ rainbow

River flows have been on the way up for the past few days making things a bit interesting.  I guess ‘inconsistent’ is another word to use.  As of today, Monday, the Bighorn River will be stable @ 4500 CFS and we have not heard word on flow increases for the future.  Once the river stabilizes, look for fishing to become more ‘consistent.’  Water temps are also on the slow climb too, finally!

Sowbugs are still the name of the game for most folks on the river.  They seem to like the bigger ones (12-14) the past few days.  Carpet Bugs, Softhackle Rays and Cotton Candies are good choices.  For little bugs we’ve really been liking the Green Weenie, Glass Bead Zebra, Glass Bead Baetis Emerger and anything as long as its little and black, or olive.

Lots of Baetis around the cloudy days and a good number of fish on them.  These fish are becoming pretty educated, so you might have to put some time in to get them!

No Shiners yet over the dam, but the main lake is loaded with them at the moment.  We’ve got quite a bit of rain for the next day or so, but once things dry out, the river should be ready to go!