Mid April Bighorn River Fishing Report

It’s just about there!  I know I keep saying this every week, but it really is this time.  We had a couple really solid days this past week with good amounts of fish looking up for Baetis.  Fishing overall was pretty solid this past week and will continue to get better when (if) the water starts warming up.

For you dry fly folks out there, look to later afternoons for most opportunity for surface feeding fish.  2 PM was the magic time the past few days.  Cloudy, calm days are when you want to hunt these fish.  They are being a little weird in the sun, so choose your days wisely.  We like Dill’s Duns, CDC Sparkle Duns, Smokejumpers, Cripple thors and Parachute Adams this time of year.

Under the surface, the fish are on the Sowbug/Midge program in the AM, then make sure you have some sort of Baetis nymph on the back end of your rig late morning and for the rest of the day.  Wondernymphs, JuJu Baetis, LBF’s, GB Baetis Nymph are good choices.  A variety of Sowbugs have been working, but most of the Light pink/tan themed bugs have been the best (Cotton Candy, Jellybean, Pink Bead Carpet Bugs).

Streamer fishing still sucks, so don’t spend a whole lot of time doing this (just being honest!)  If the water jumps up into the 40’s, this will all change…