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Mid November Bighorn River Fishing Update

It appears as fall is hanging around finally.  We have a span of great weather ahead of us and people are finally coming back out to experience some great fishing the Bighorn has to offer.

The Baetis have been going strong and consistent for about 2 weeks now.  Expect to see some noses poking up around 1:00 or so and fish will be up until around 4:00.  They still aren’t too fussy, so as long as you have a good presentation with a variety of Bighorn Baetis patterns, it should come together.

A few redds have appeared in the river, but the spawn is not quite on yet.  As always, please be mindful of these fish and let them do their thing.  There are plenty of anglers who ignore this, but with our lower than normal fish counts, it definitely can make a difference.

Water clarity has improved significantly and the majority of grass is out of the system.  The Streamer fishing has really improved as a result of this.  The small black or olive themed patterns have still been the most consistent producers.