Mid September Bighorn Update

It looks like one more hot streak of weather these couple of days and then we’re headed into the direction of Fall.  Fishing has been a bit challenging overall, but there are definitely some opportunities out there.  The main crowds of the season are dropping off, so that is one plus!

A decent Trico Spinnerfall exists just about each morning, wind dependent.  8:30-9 AM seems to be about the right time to be on the water.  Most of the activity has been on the upper 4 or 5 miles of the river.  You won’t see tons of fish up, but some very nice ones.  They are not pushovers, so be prepared to put in a little work for them.

Still quite a few hoppers around and a fair amount of fish up looking for them.  Smaller sized (12) seems to be the ticket.  Pink, Gold, Tan foam, take your pick!

Nymphing has been a bit challenging as the grass has concentrated many of the fish into a handful of spots.  There is a bit of green color as well, similar to what we have seen the past few years.  Our guides choice of patterns has been an Orange Scud with some sort of small (16-18) tan or grey Sowbug (Carpet Bug, Rays).  A sunken Trico in the morning is not a bad idea either.