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October 13 Bighorn River Update and BOAT SALE!

Travis Rogers with a solid brown from the Upper 3. Photo: John Sindland

It’s getting quiet around these parts, but the fishing seems to be picking up a bit more each week or so.  Flows are down at 2800 CFS from the Afterbay boat ramp repairs, which is another story, and should be there until sometime this next week, where they’ll likely bump back up to the 3200-3500 range.  The river is still green but shouldn’t stick around too much longer.  Cold nights are key on this end.

Stick to subsurface tactics for the most fish.  You still can’t beat an Orange Scud followed by a Ray Charles, Carpet Bug or Eddie Vedder (tan, grey 16-18).  A few fish eating worms below 3 mile as well.  The fish are definitely in all types of water right now and we’re starting to find more in some of the slower, mid river troughs (or wherever the grass isn’t..)

Cloudy days have been kicking out some good streamer activity.  Black is still the color, with Olive as a close second.  Slumpbusters, Small Lil’ Kims, Krystal Buggers and Hot Head leeches have all been good.

We’re at that point of the year where we will be clearing out some rental boats to make room for next season’s inventory.  Here’s what’s available:

  • 2018 Clackacraft Eddy 360 – $6600
  • 2018 Clackacraft 16′ LP 360 – $6600
  • 2011 Adipose Flow – $7000
  • 2016 Adipose Flow – $7700

All boats include galvanized trailers, Cataract or Sawyer oars, anchor and anchor rope.  Pics available upon request!