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Post Thanksgiving Bighorn River Update

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!  Those who came out to the Bighorn valley were rewarded with some solid fishing and hunting (at least we took advantage of it!).  Back into the 40’s this next week and should be a great time to get out and fish.

Lorin with Thanksgiving dinner, Bighorn style!

Strong numbers of Baetis are still around throughout most of the river.  Still not a lot of fish up on them, as the spawn has started for the Bighorn browns, and the fish are thinking of other things.. There are plenty of big rainbows left over from this season looking up, just take your time and you’ll see some…

Subsurface, a big (12) Tan Carpet Bug and smaller Ray or Carpet bug was really hard to beat the past few days.  Seemed like plenty of fish eating in the main winter-type water vs. fishing the redds. Orange scuds had their moments, although they’re probably eating them for an egg right now..

Streamer fishing in the slow mid river troughs is productive.  Water temps are still in the 50’s so the fish are pretty ‘grabby’.  Keep the bugs small (6-10).  JJ’s, Pete’s Bugger, Thin Mints and hot head squirrel leeches seemed to the be best.

Still plenty of availability for winter lodging at our discounted rates!