Prime Summer Time On the Bighorn

As expected, August has been nothing short of great. Water levels are prime and the fish are in fantastic shape.  The upper 3 has seen the most hatch activity, but also about 70% of the traffic.  The fish are well spread out though and everyone is coming back from their days on the water pretty happy!

The Tricos have made an appearance, but most days, the fish haven’t been up on them like they should.  We’re looking forward to this next week of weather in the  90’s to really kick it off.  There’s been some good Dun fishing early in the AM and a handful of decent spinner spots.  It will happen!

Hopper fishing has been downright awesome, especially on the windy days.  This past Monday we had constant wind of 20 mph + and there were PILES of hoppers on the water. Finally, the wind is good for something!  Expect good fishing from about noon on till 4 or so.  Long drifts are key right now as they are wising up to our imitations. Pink, tan, yellow, foam, old school patterns – they’re all good right now!

The Black Caddis are still going fairly strong beginning about 3 PM most days and going in the dark of night.  It’s definitely hit its peak, but remains good about every afternoon.  Still a fair amount of Tan Caddis around, but the fish seem to be favoring the Blacks just a bit more.  Make sure you have a good selection of emerger-type patterns: Bubbleback, CDC Emergers, Soft hackles.

If you wish to throw the indicator rig out there, it’s been very good.  Pheasant Tails, Poodle Sniffers, Big Orange Scuds (10-12), Tungteasers, a few Sowbugs here and there.  The afternoon bite is a bit stronger when the Caddis get moving around.