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Weekend Fishing Update for the Bighorn River

Flows are up to 4250 CFS from last weeks snowmelt and the fishing is still great.  Water temps have come up as a result and the fish have spread out a bit more.  We even saw a good amount of fish up on Midges yesterday (a first for this year) and several Baetis down lower, so maybe a sign of things to come?..

Sam and guide Bryen Venema with another good one

Nymphing is still your best friend for catching fish right now.  Yesterday’s best combo was a big Orange Scud (12) and a Jellybean Sowbug (16).  Definitely a lot more Scud activity on the upper 3, as there usually is.  Below 3 Mile, switch up to a double Sowbug combo.

The fish are still in the 4-6′ deep, slow walking speed water right now.  A few have bumped up into the shelves as water temps came up, and we expect this continue as we move through the Spring.

Streamer activity has been pretty nil.  You’ll pick up a few here and there, but we still need water temps to come up quite a bit.  Keep your bugs small and sparse if you do go this route (Thin Mints, Hot bead Squirrel leeches, etc..)

We are currently unaffected by COVID-19 right now and business remains normal.  Don’t forget to take a look at our Spring Special, which we have extended through the end of March!