winter shop

It finally got cold, we got a bunch of snow.  By far the largest snowfall amount we’ve seen this year, but doesn’t look like we’ll be dealing with that much longer.

The Winter crowds have slowed down, except on the warmer weekends.  We’re open everyday 8 AM till at least noon or so.  Shuttles, bugs, fleece gloves, we’re supplied.

We’re getting a lot of concerned calls about the upcoming season and water levels.  Right now we’re sitting right at average, which is good.  It doesn’t look like we’ll see the 8k or even 10k + water levels, but we have about 6 weeks to find out.  The outlook for the spring is good.  The river is clear, free of grass/moss and fishing has been average for winter.  Don’t expect to go out and stick a bunch, but if you can grab a break in the weather, it’s a nice place to be.  

bougle spey

Fish the slow and deeper parts of runs right now, that’s where they’ll be.  Sowbug, scuds, midges dominate the winter rigs right now.  Slow moving streamers with tips through the deep buckets has been producing as well.  Black or olive seems to be the color and size wise, keep the articulated stuff at home.  Small squirrel leeches or simple buggers (thin mints) are great for this time of year.  This is a great time to get out the 2 handed rods and swing the deeper runs.  There are some big fish in the river right now, especially on the upper 3.  See you soon!