BA Top Fly Picks – Baetis Nymphs

Anglers and guides on the Bighorn look forward to the excellent Spring emergences of Baetis as it is the first hatch to get our fish on the heavy feed.  We are on the path for a normal Spring season with low, clear water and excellent hatches soon to come.  In the past week, our Bighorn trout have really become aware of the abundant Baetis nymphs in the late mornings and afternoons and are now a ‘must have’ pattern on your nymph rig.

Here have been some of our top picks for Baetis nymphs this season and for many past seasons.

Top Spring Baetis nymphs and links to them on our online shop:

  • Downey’s Wondernymph – Developed by longtime Bighorn Guide, Brad Downey, this has always been a staple pattern.
  • Glass Bead Baetis nymph – A great ’emerging’ nymph pattern with the pronounced CDC wing case and extra glimmer of the bead.
  • LBF – Developed by one of our good buddies and Bighorn regular, Pat Schelle, this pattern flat out fishes!
  • JuJu Baetis – Another effective, more replicative Baetis nymph
  • Killer May – An almost exact imitation of the BWO nymph, this is one of our favorites!
  • Wayno’s Beadhead Baetis – Wayne Egbert has been a longtime guide on the Bighorn and his patterns consistently produce!
  • Glassbead Micro May – This subtle little nymph is sometimes the ticket when they aren’t looking for any of the flashier patterns.