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Bighorn River Fishing Update 8/27

Fishing has been very solid lately on the Horn’.  Plenty of PMD’s and increasing numbers of Black Caddis have fish looking up throughout most of the day.  The fish are definitely way more technical than they have been, but plenty of targets to test your skills.  There’s a great PMD spinner fall on the upper river at about 9 most mornings, followed by the main PMD emergence by noon or so.  Black Caddis are showing up shortly after.  Evenings have been pretty solid, and a lot less anglers out there.

The bobber fishing has been very good for most.  This is what we call ‘Pheasant tail season’.  You can literally fish 2 PT’s (or similar bugs) for the entire day right now and be into fish.  They’re still eating Sowbugs, Scuds and caddis pupa very well too.  Short rigs, long rigs, heavy weight, light weight, it all works in the right spots, and there are lots of them now!

No signs of Tricos yet.  A few duns on the Lower (below Bighorn), but with this colder water, we’re not sure what’s going to happen.

Hopper fishing is still spotty because these fish are spoiled with a PMD and Caddis all-you-can-eat buffet.