Pete’s Fly of the Week – Downey’s Wondernymph

We lost another Bighorn legend yesterday.  Brad Downey was a well known guide on the Bighorn and just a great guy!  We wish his family peace and hope Brad is enjoying some margaritas with the fishing gods!

In honor of Brad, I am featuring the Wondernymph this week.  This is a must have Baetis pattern and is a very cool and unique pattern overall.  We stock the original version as well as a flashback version HERE.

Hook: TMC 3769 or equivalent #18-20

Thread:  Black 8/0

Tail: Grizzly or black hackle fibers or partridge

Body: Midge body stretch in black or brown

Wing: Aftershaft feather of grizzly hackle (hen neck works well)

Thorax: Grey dubbing or mix it up with some peacock ice dub