Pete’s Fly of the Week – Improved Student

The Student has long been a staple for anglers on the Bighorn during the hatches of Spring Baetis.  It is arguably one of the best patterns for difficult fish.  It is often hard to see as it is one of the more sparse CDC patterns we fish, but we changed that. We beefed up the wing on this version and changed the shuck to a very sparse amount of antron.  They are also tied on the new Firehole 419, which are ultra sharp.  Make sure you have a few of these during the epic Baetis hatch that is happening now on the Bighorn!  You can also purchase them online HERE.


Hook: Firehole 419 or TMC 900

Thread: Olive 8/0

Tail: Antron yarn (brown, olive, tan all work)

Body: Olive thread

Wing: Natural CDC fibers tied 180